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Solar | Safety and Security | Decorative | Anti-Graffiti

Commercial solar tinting

Solar window tinting.

All Aspect’s range of energy rated solar films with fantastic heat rejection properties helps your office consume less energy by eliminating hot spots and keeping the internal temperature even.

Reject up to 79% of heat and help retain up to 39% warmth in winter.

Block up to 98% of damaging UV rays.

Reduce glare – a contributing cause of eye fatigue.

Increase glass strength providing added safety.

Provide a variable level of daytime privacy.

Comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Commercial Safety & Security Film

Safety and Security films.

All Aspect’s range of clear and tinted safety / security films prevent glass from shattering, and safely contain the shards in the event of breakage.

Manufactured using single or multiple layers of a premium quality polyester film bonded together to form a heavy gauge, high tensile coating.

Strengthen your glass to protect you from personal injury or death, and your property from damage caused by accidents, intruders / vandals or storms.

Complies with Safety Glazing Standards AS/NZ2208 (when applied to 3mm glass or thicker).

Rejects up to 14% of heat (clear); 79% (tinted).

Blocks up to 98% of damaging UV rays.

Comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Commercial Frosted Films

Decorative films.

All Aspect’s range of decorative films can easily transform the appearance and privacy of your existing glass, creating a corporate fit out or personalised image.

Unlike acid etched or sand blasted glass, decorative films are a cost effective way to add privacy without using curtains or blinds. Increase privacy in exposed areas however retain natural light with frosted film

With an extensive range of frosted films, frosted and coloured vinyls, and signage products available it’s easy to create a practical and stylish effect. This makes for a very popular choice with architects, interior designers and project managers.

Achieve total light block out with Black Out and selected vinyls.

Comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Commercial Anti-Graffiti Films

Anti-Graffiti films.

All Aspect’s range of anti-graffiti films provide an effective and cost efficient solution to graffiti and vandalism.

Films are suitable for interior / exterior surfaces such as glass, mirror, stainless steel, marble, and any other smooth non-porous surface.

Anti-graffiti films effectively protect against spray paint and markers, scratched or gouged tags, and general damage, whilst also strengthening your existing glass.

The clear appearance makes it ideal for display windows with the added benefit of blocking up to 98% of damaging UV rays.

Comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.